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Romans – Mon – 22-02-28

Have you ever seen a mother beaming at the achievement of her child? Most mothers love to see their children receive recognition and awards. They attend school assemblies, sports awards banquets, or other activities of their children. And they smile and take pictures and videos. While all of these occasions are great, there is still another thing mothers love. That is to receive a compliment on the behavior of her child. In fact, she hears it as praise for her work as a mother.

In a similar way, we can bring praise to God. People can see us and turn in praise to him. What is it that others will see in us that will cause this praise? If you’re thinking it is some great act of self-sacrifice, you may be surprised. I know, a safe answer would be love, right? When people see our love, they will praise God. I’m sure that’s true, but Romans 15:7 talks about something else. Here’s what it says, “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” (NIV)

How did Christ accept us? He accepted us in our imperfect, broken state. He takes us where we are and changes our lives. So, we too need to accept broken people. That doesn’t mean we claim what’s broken is good or moral. But, we don’t avoid or attack others either. Accept others and you will bring praise to God.

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