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Be Blessed – Thu – 22-12-29

When I was a teen, I spent a summer working for a wheat farmer. I jockeyed a combine through his fields. I enjoyed feeling the vibrations and hearing the shush of grain and stalks mixed with the rumble and whirl of the large machine. Grain filled the hopper as the combine spread a trail of straw on the stubble. The strong Kansas wind quickly blew away the chaff falling out the back. Running the combine was my favorite activity, better than the plowing, planting or herding cattle I did that summer.

In ancient Israel, they harvested stalks of grain by hand and hauled it to a threshing floor. Oxen drug a heavy sled over the stalks to separate the grain. Then people used crude pitch forks to throw the crushed stalks in the air. The wind blew the chaff away and the grain fell back to the threshing floor. Grain was valuable. Chaff was not. Chaff was driven away by the force of the wind.

Psalms 1:4 says this, “Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away.” (NIV) This verse is a contrast with the person who delights in God’s law. They flourish in everything. The wind doesn’t move them. They are like trees anchored by roots running deep next to a stream. Don’t let the gusts and squalls of life aimlessly scatter you. Take time today and follow God’s word.

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