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Fruit of Kindness – Thu – 21-06-17

I remember when the Covid-19 pandemic first started, many people were without work and in need of help. Groups organized drive-through food pantries to meet the need. When a family is struggling to put food on the table, or even a roof over their heads, they need help. But do they need a birthday cake?

Antonio Guerrero, thinks so. He is an eighth-grade student at Pinelands Regional Junior High School in Stafford, New Jersey. He created kits with pans, cake ingredients, frosting, candles, plates and napkins — everything needed for a birthday celebration. He donated them to Family Promise of Southern Ocean County. The agency provides temporary shelter, meals and services to at-risk families with children. Antonio believes the families should be able to celebrate birthdays.*

This is an example of kindness. Specifically, the kindness mentioned in Proverbs 14:21, which says, “blessed is he who is kind to the needy.”(NIV) You see, kindness is not simply giving what is needed. Kindness is related to generosity. Most people who help the needy may give them food or some money, which is kind. But kindness will go beyond the minimum. It is big-hearted. It thinks of things like birthday cakes!

As God’s Spirit produces his fruit in your life, do you sense an urge to be kind? Today, follow the promptings you feel to be kind and generous to someone in need.

*Kimberlee Bongard, “Pinelands Student Creates Birthday Kits For Families In Need,” Microsoft News, May 18, 2021, https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/pinelands-student-creates-birthday-kits-for-families-in-need/ar-BB1gSkJk

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