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Finding Fools – Wed – 23-02-15

The news media has followed Elon Musk for years. The eccentric billionaire started unique companies that launched rockets, bored tunnels and manufactured electric cars. And he has a quirky personality. But coverage increased after he offered to buy the social media company, Twitter. With all the accusations of Twitter suppressing free speech, and the company’s resistance to Musk’s offer, it drew a lot of attention.

Musk also came under scrutiny for a tweet about taking another of his companies, Tesla, private. An attorney was grilling Musk about the tweet as part of a lawsuit. But the attorney made a slip of the tongue. In the midst of cross-examining him, the attorney addressed Musk as “Mr. Tweet” instead of Mr. Musk. The report is Musk took no offense.*

Have you ever had an embarrassing slip of the tongue? Perhaps you’ve blurted out a thought better left unsaid, like the attorney. Controlling our speech is important. Sometimes lives are even at stake. During WWII, the government urged people to be careful with their speech. Posters declared things like “loose lips sink ships.”

Which brings us to Proverbs 12:23, “A prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself, but the heart of fools blurts out folly.” (NIV 1984) This verse provides another characteristic we can use to spot a fool – undisciplined speech. Too many people spew out their thoughts, whether verbally or on social media. Don’t be a fool. Some things you should keep to yourself.

*Tony Owusu, “Lawyer Interrogating Elon Musk Has Amusing Slip of the Tongue,” The Street, posted on MSN, January 23, 2023, https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/lawyer-interrogating-elon-musk-has-amusing-slip-of-the-tongue/ar-AA16Fjj8

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