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Temple Cleaning – Mon – 21-03-29

According to Mark 11:12-19, on Monday before His crucifixion, Jesus went to the temple and raised a ruckus. You see, the temple in Jesus’ day had become a commercial area. In order to leave a monetary offering, people had to exchange their money into the special coinage of the temple. People who had traveled long distances, could also purchase animals and other items needed for temple worship. In addition the temple complex covered approximately 35 acres, that’s over 14 hectares. So people cut through the temple courtyards as they travelled about the city.

What Jesus saw greatly disturbed Him. Evidently, the money changers and vendors were cheating people. He called the place a “den of thieves.” Jesus was upset because of the injustice done to people and the dishonor shown to God. So he knocked over tables and benches.

So what’s encouraging about this scene? We certainly don’t see a mild-mannered Jesus. He was confrontational. This was a tense scene. We see righteous indignation. Why? Because Jesus cares about injustice. He was not just upset at people dishonoring God. I think he was also upset about the people who were cheated. Jesus is willing to defend us. Even more important, as we’ll see by Friday, he is willing to die for us. Let this be a picture of Romans 8:31, which says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (NIV).

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