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Believe: Manuscripts – Tue – 21-03-02

I love coffee! My wife and I set up the coffee pot each evening, grinding coffee beans and setting the switch that will brew it first thing in the morning. My children also know I love coffee. I often receive Christmas gifts of coffee beans from specialty roasters.

Did you know coffee beans are also a great illustration of the evidence showing we have the accurate text of the New Testament? A couple of years ago, I visited the Ark Encounter near Cincinnati, Ohio. I recommend the trip. While there, I watched a video in which Tim Chaffey used coffee beans to illustrate that we have the original message of the New Testament. Tim dropped coffee beans into cups to illustrate the number of ancient manuscripts that exist for ancient books. For example, he dropped 10 beans into a cup to show the number  ancient manuscripts informing us of Julius Caesar. He then illustrated the thousands of manuscripts that we have for the New Testament by pouring coffee beans into another cup. It quickly overflowed! You really should see this three-minute video! In fact, you can view it online!. Check out the show notes for a link to the video.

Coffee beans show us we can trust that the Bible we have today is translated from an accurate text of the original copies! We have the original message!

Tim Chaffey,  “Can We Trust the New Testament Manuscripts?” arkencounter.com, https://arkencounter.com/bible-true/beans/

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