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Lord’s Supper – Thu – 21-04-01

What is the most memorable meal of your life? I’m not sure how I would answer this question.  I can remember Sunday dinners at my great aunts’ home as a child, and holiday dinners at my grandparents, but they all seem to blur together. One doesn’t stand out. Maybe my most memorable meal was a fancy dinner Elaine and I had on our honeymoon at a swanky hotel. We could hardly afford it. I don’t remember exactly what I ordered, but it was probably the cheapest thing on the menu. The waiter’s French accent made it difficult to understand him. He rolled out a cart full of desserts at the end, which we declined because of the cost. I’m sure the waiter rolled his eyes at the young kids we were!

I’m sure that if you asked Peter, John, Matthew and the other apostles of Jesus to name the most memorable meal of their lives, they would all agree it was what we now call the Last Supper or the Lord’s Supper. On Thursday evening before Jesus’ death, they observed the Passover meal. This was an annual observance. I’m sure they had eaten the Passover meal with Jesus before. But this one would stick in their minds. Not only was it immediately before Jesus’ arrest, trial and death, it was memorable because Jesus changed the ritual. With broken bread and a drink from a cup, Jesus created a way to remember Him and his death.

Aren’t you glad you can remember Him through the Lord’s Supper as well?

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