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Names of God – Sun – 22-11-13

I enjoy providing this podcast for you each day. I also do other things, such as leading a small group and volunteering in the community and for different ministries. In addition,  I am writing my second novel while seeking an agent for my first.

As an author, I know the first few sentences of a book are critical. For instance, the opening of a book must grab the reader’s attention, indicate the setting and introduce the main character. It should also open to action.

Did you realize that’s the way the bible starts? Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (NIV) Notice the setting is the creation of the universe. And talk about action – the next few verses describe light blazing into existence and cosmic events. Of course, the main character, God, is also introduced.

The word used for God in this verse is the Hebrew word Elohim. This passage associates it with the power of creation. The first thing we learn about God is he is the maker of all things. This highlights his power to bring into existence things that did not exist. It also indicates his ownership since he created it. So much is wrapped up in one simple word – God.

This week the podcast will focus on names and descriptions of God found in the first two books of the bible. Let’s appreciate the one who made us.

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Foundations – Sun – 22-05-15

The beginning is always important. Think about the way books and movies begin. They draw us into the story. The beginning sets the tone and direction for what comes after. The same is true of weddings. They are celebrations because two people from different families are beginning a new marriage and family.

Every country also had a beginning. The United States started when people left Europe for new lands and opportunities. Many came to find freedom of religion. The founding of the country resulted from the ideas of the day and the experiences of the British colonists. To understand the United States, you must know the circumstances of its beginning.

The same is true for you and me. To understand the meaning of our lives, we have to understand how it all began. That’s why Genesis 1:1 is so important. It says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (NIV) If the beginning of life was just a random event – the accidental combination of chemicals followed by blind evolution –  then our lives have no meaning. We have no purpose. Our attempts to provide our own meaning are pathetic at best.

But we have been created by God. Therefore, our lives have meaning. This week, we are going to look at the foundational concepts taught by the book of Genesis. Genesis 1:1 is not simply the beginning of the bible’s story. It is the beginning of our story.

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