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Daniel – Tue – 22-06-14

Do you remember the fictional character, Jason Bourne? He is the main character in a few books by Robert Ludlum which were made into popular films. Jason had to fight off assassins while suffering from amnesia.

Gladly, most of us don’t know what it’s like to have someone out to kill us. But the Old Testament prophet Daniel did. The king had decreed every advisor in his kingdom would be killed unless one of them would tell him what he had dreamed and what it meant. As an advisor, Daniel heard he was slated for death. Daniel 2:14-16 tells us what he did, ‘When Arioch, the commander of the king’s guard, had gone out to put to death the wise men of Babylon, Daniel spoke to him with wisdom and tact. He asked the king’s officer, “Why did the king issue such a harsh decree?” Arioch then explained the matter to Daniel. At this, Daniel went in to the king and asked for time, so that he might interpret the dream for him.’ (NIV)

If you know the rest of the story, you know that Daniel is able to report what the king dreamed and the meaning, thus saving all the advisors. What I want you to notice is that he spoke to the commander with wisdom and tact. We sometimes find ourselves attacked by others, don’t we. Maybe at work or in our social groups. When this happens, take a lesson from Daniel. Respond with wisdom and tact.

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