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One Another – Wed – 22-03-30

Have you ever kept a list of grievances? You know, a list of complaints? That’s what a grievance is, a complaint about something you consider unfair or unjust. For instance, I bet you have an informal list of complaints about the current situation, right? It might include COVID stuff or a complaint about a co-worker. But I know one item you have on your list is the price of gasoline. It’s too high, right? Inflation is a real grievance.

But not all grievances are real. For example, Vladimir Putin claimed a long list of grievances as his reason to invade Ukraine. On the list was his desire to remove Nazis from Ukraine. But there were no Nazis there.

It seems that everyone can come up with a list of complaints or grievances, whether they are real or not. That’s what makes Colossians 3:13 such a challenge. It reads, “Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” (NIV)

Wow! That list of complaints and grievances we carry, is the list of things we are commanded to forgive. And the quality of that forgiveness must be the same as the Lord’s forgiveness of us. We can’t simply grumble and pout about them. We must extend grace and forgiveness to those who have treated us unfairly. Today, join me in checking off your list of grievances with forgiveness!

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