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Whatever Is Excellent – Wed – 21-04-21

How’s your effort to think about whatever is excellent going? One thing you might try is to search for honor rolls. Honor rolls are lists of people who have achieved excellence in some area. We usually think of honor rolls in an educational setting. Schools, colleges and universities often publish the names of students who maintain a grade point average at the top of their class.

But there are other honor rolls as well. I did a search online and discovered the following:

  • The Lamborghini sports car manufacturer has an honor roll for drivers.
  • The Freedom to Read Foundation has an honor roll of people who have made significant contributions to protecting the rights of libraries to collect and provide information.
  • Another honor roll I discovered was for women from the Brighton, Michigan area who have made remarkable or unique contributions to the Brighton community and beyond.
  • Finally, rolls of honor are often kept for military service members, especially for those who were wounded or killed in the line of duty. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. is a prominent example.
  • Even the Bible has rolls of honor. In 2 Samuel 23, there is a list of the mighty men of king David. These were the distinguished solders who served him. Hebrews 11 is another example, listing many historical people who are excellent examples of faith.

If you want to think about excellent things, look for rolls of honor.

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