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Fruit of Joy – Sun – 21-05-16

Have you ever been separated from friends or family for a long time, and then been reunited? Paul, in 2 Timothy 1:4 mentions his longing to see Timothy and experience the joy of reunion. If you are a military family, you know this longing. You also know the joy of reunion.

It was fashionable a few years ago to broadcast or post videos of a service member, after a long deployment to war, in a surprise reunion with his or her family. Squeals of delight erupted. People ran to each other and hugged fiercely. Tears often flooded their eyes. This is a picture of joy.

This week on the podcast, we are focused on the second fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22 – joy. To understand joy, picture that reunion. It shows people with a feeling of celebration. That feeling has two sides: a cause and an expression. For the military family, the cause of joy is the safe reunion of a loved one. The expression is the sound, tears and hugs. You see, joy always has a source and it is always expressed.

So this week we will look at some sources of joy, as well as the way joy is expressed. As we begin,  recognize that God’s Spirit produces joy in our hearts. He helps us celebrate our adoption as God’s children. Later this week, we’ll see some ways that joy is expressed.

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