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1st Peter 1 – Fri – 23-02-24

Have you ever traveled to a foreign country? I’ve been to a few on business or church trips. Some were not that different than the United States, such as the United Kingdom. I could read the signs and talk to people. Other countries were very different, like China and India. I was much more wary if walking the streets alone in those countries. Language was a barrier. Sometimes, even going through immigration at the border could be a challenge.

In my business travels, I visited some cities more than once, usually staying in the same hotel. I relaxed more because I was familiar with the location and knew what to expect. But I never felt like I belonged. I was a stranger. The locals could always spot me as the foreigner. I always looked forward to returning home.

These experiences help me understand 1 Peter 1:17, “Since you call on a Father who judges each man’s work impartially, live your lives as strangers here in reverent fear.” (NIV 1984) As followers of Jesus, we must remember where our true home lies. We really don’t belong here, even in our hometown. Oh, we may be comfortable in the city and neighborhood where we each live, but we can’t find a deep sense of belonging here. Those in the world will always spot us as different, a foreigner to some degree. Our spiritual home is with Christ.

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