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Fruit of Courage – Sat – 21-07-17

Have you seen the video of the rescue of children from a burning building in Kostroma, Russia? It received a lot of attention in the middle of June. A fire broke out in an apartment on the top floor of a building. A man climbed up the three stories to the apartment by clinging to the drainpipe running down the outside of the building. Two other men also climbed up the drainpipe. The man at the top reached out to the window of the burning apartment and grabbed a child by the arm. He then pulled the child out and lowered the child to the man clinging to the pipe below him. This man, in turn, lowered the child to a third man on the drainpipe. The third man lowered the child to a woman on the ground. Two children were saved in this way. The men were nominated for awards recognizing their courage.*

I find it interesting that Paul gives some general encouragement to the Corinthians at the end of his first letter. In 1 Corinthians 16:13 he urges them to “be men of courage.” However, it is unclear in the rest of the book if the Corinthians were facing any specific threats or had a problem with fear. I think it was just a general encouragement. I think that encouragement applies to us as well. Remember, Be a person of courage.

*”WATCH: Brave Samaritans Scale Building’s Drainpipe in Russia to Rescue Kids Trapped in Fire,” News 18, June 15, 2021, https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/watch-brave-samaritans-scale-buildings-drainpipe-in-russia-to-rescue-kids-trapped-in-fire-3849503.html

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