New Testament Timeline

This chart shows important political events in the Roman Empire as well as events within Christianity.

Date*Political EventChristian EventBible Book Written
5 (B.C.)Jesus born while Augustus is emperor.
14Tiberius becomes emperor.
26Jesus begins his public ministry.
30Jesus death, resurrection and ascension.
First preaching the gospel on Day of Pentecost results in 3000 baptized.
31Persecution of Stephen.
34Saul (Paul) converted to Jesus.
37Emperor Tiberius dies of natural causes. Caligula becomes emperor.
41Emperor Caligula is murdered. Claudius becomes emperor.
45Paul’s first missionary journey begins – visiting Cyprus and Galatia.
48Paul’s first missionary journey ends in Antioch.
51Jerusalem Council held. Paul’s second missionary journey begins – revisiting Galatian churches, then visiting Macedonia and Achaia.Paul writes 1 Thessalonians.
52Paul writes 2 Thessalonians.
54Emperor Claudius dies, probably poisoned, Nero becomes emperor.Paul’s second missionary journey ends and his third journey begins – revisiting Galatian churches, then visiting Macedonia, Achaia, Ephesus.Paul writes 1 Corinthians.
Paul writes Galatians.
55Mark writes the Gospel of Mark, date uncertain – probably before A.D. 60.
57Paul writes Romans.
Paul writes 2 Corinthians.
58Paul concludes third journey and is arrested in Jerusalem.
60Paul voyages to Rome following appeal.Luke writes the Gospel of Luke.
James writes Epistle of James.
61Paul’s first Roman imprisonment begins.Book of Hebrews written.
62Matthew writes Gospel of Matthew.
Paul writes Ephesians,
Colossians and Philemon
63Paul released from prison in Rome.Luke writes Acts.
64Rome burns.Paul writes 1 Timothy.
Peter writes 1 Peter.
65Paul writes Titus.
67Paul’s second Roman imprisonment begins.Paul writes 2 Timothy.
Peter writes 2 Peter.
68Emperor Nero commits suicide, Galba becomes emperor.Paul executed.Jude writes book of Jude.
69Emperor Galba is murdered. Otho becomes emperor, then commits suicide. Vitelius becomes emperor, but is murdered. Vespasian becomes emperor.Peter executed.
70Destruction of Jerusalem and Temple by Roman army.
79Emperor Vespasian dies of natural causes. Titus becomes emperor.
81Emperor Titus dies of natural causes. Domitian becomes emperor.
85John writes Gospel of John.
90John writes 1 John.
92John writes 2 John.
94John writes 3 John.
95John writes Revelation.
*Dates are A.D. unless otherwise indicated.