Here are additional resources you or your group can use to spark faith to the next level. Feel free to suggest other resources to list here by using the Feedback page.

First Steps

  • In a Nutshell — understand the Christian worldview and how to become a follower of Jesus in a three minute video from Team Expansion: 3 Circles More Disciples
  • Basics About the Bible — quick facts about the Bible, its books and organization.
  • The Bible’s Story — A quick synopsis of the main characters of the Bible and the overall story.

Next Steps

Basic tips to build your practice of following Jesus.

Fun Places to Visit

  • Museum of the Bible – a high class museum about the Bible. So much to see!
  • Ark Encounter – A unique museum! A great way to spend the day checking out a life-sized replica of Noah’s ark!
  • Creation Museum – I haven’t been here but have heard great things. It is on my bucket list.
  • Sight & Sound Theaters – Bible stories on stage, a lot of fun!


Need a speaker? I am available for in-person or virtual speaking engagements. Please use my Contact page to inquire about availability — Elmer Fuller

Other Tools

Other Sites

Here are other sites you might find interesting. If you have a suggestion to add to the list, please suggest it on our Feedback page.

  • Reasons to Believe – discover sound reason and scientific research that affirms the truth of the Bible