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Be Content – Tue – 22-07-05

I hate ticks. It seems that every year I hear of another strange disease carried by ticks. And tick season is here again. I helped on a service project recently where we cut and hauled brush. It looked like prime habitat for ticks. I wore long pants and sleeves. I also sprayed my shoes and legs with repellent. When I got home, I showered and checked that none of the critters were sucking my blood.

We need to have the same attitude in relation to money. We have to work with money. We need to use money. But money is an environment where evil lurks, just like grass and brush can harbor ticks. We must guard against the love of money. The love of money is like a tick. It sucks our spiritual blood and spawns all manner of spiritual ailments. Hebrews 13:5 says, ‘Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”’ (NIV) 

Rather than loving money, we need to be content with what we have. I know, contentment is hard at times. But contentment does not flow from being financially secure. The verse says we can be content because God will never leave or forsake us. Trusting God is the repellent that wards off the love of money. Keep your faith in him.

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Lincoln and Thanksgiving

In preparing for next week’s episodes — which deal with thanksgiving — I discovered Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation making it a national observance. I hope you listen next week, especially to Thursday’s episode.

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300th Episode Scheduled

I just finished scheduling the episodes for next week. I noticed that the count will go over 300 published episodes! Writing and recording the podcast has become a part of my weekly rhythm. Although most listeners are in the heart of the United States, some have discovered it in other countries and given it a try. It is always fun to see where people are listening!

I think you’ll like the series beginning next week. We’ll visit the “Faith Hall of Fame.” Thanks to everyone who takes a couple of minutes to listen! I hope you are encouraged in your faith.

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Yes, I talk about a famous pair of guns in an episode next week. They were worn by General Patton in WWII. Be sure to listen to see what they have to do with the Beautitude about peacemakers!

Wearing My New T-Shirt

I had fun this week. I purchased a t-shirt with a custom print of the podcast cover. The quality of the shirt wasn’t the best — it shrank a bit in the wash. But overall, I enjoy it!

Elmer Fuller in t-shirt

I’ve also posted up the episodes for next week which look at the Beatitude about hungering and thirsting for righteousness. I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I enjoy doing it!

Working on Work Episodes

I spent time today recording and posting next week’s episodes. They are focused on work in honor of Labor Day. I’ll return to the Beatitudes the following week. I hope you enjoy!

Elmer Recording

90+ and Going Strong!

Mary Tuggle is over 90 years of age. You can find her most Sunday mornings encouraging people at the Golden Valley Christian Church. She has a keen sense of humor and enjoys teasing her friends. Mary also writes a weekly article for the church website. It always starts with some interesting tidbit, usually of history. Take a moment to check out her creative reporting in the site’s sermon archive. She is an excellent example of encouraging others!

Do You Know?

  • Do you know what one of the most undervalued qualities of leadership is?
  • Do you know how a blistered foot relates to the fruit of the Spirit?
  • How should we respond to a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christians?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in next week’s (July 18-24) episodes of the podcast. I hope you listen!

Looking for Courage?

Do you need some courage? Are you facing a difficult situation, a bad diagnosis or ridicule because of your faith? Be sure to listen to the podcast next week when I focus on the fruit of the Spirit we call courage.