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How to Search Tags

Want to find something using tags? Most tags on the site are references to Scripture, although other tags are also used.

You can click a tag in the Tags list in the side bar to show only posts and episodes with that tag.

It is important to understand the tagging convention.

  • Scripture references on podcast episodes, pages and other posts follow a convention with tags for Bible book, chapter and verse — without any spaces. The book is a four-letter abbreviation.
  • For example, tags for something that uses John 3:16 will have this tag: John3:16. The tags for Matthew 10:6 will be: Matt10:6.
  • Note: when a passage with multiple verses is used, only the first verse is used as a tag. The tag for Matthew 28:18-20 would appear as Matt28:18.
  • Topics may also be used as tags.


Yes, I talk about a famous pair of guns in an episode next week. They were worn by General Patton in WWII. Be sure to listen to see what they have to do with the Beautitude about peacemakers!

Wearing My New T-Shirt

I had fun this week. I purchased a t-shirt with a custom print of the podcast cover. The quality of the shirt wasn’t the best — it shrank a bit in the wash. But overall, I enjoy it!

Elmer Fuller in t-shirt

I’ve also posted up the episodes for next week which look at the Beatitude about hungering and thirsting for righteousness. I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I enjoy doing it!

90+ and Going Strong!

Mary Tuggle is over 90 years of age. You can find her most Sunday mornings encouraging people at the Golden Valley Christian Church. She has a keen sense of humor and enjoys teasing her friends. Mary also writes a weekly article for the church website. It always starts with some interesting tidbit, usually of history. Take a moment to check out her creative reporting in the site’s sermon archive. She is an excellent example of encouraging others!

Do You Know?

  • Do you know what one of the most undervalued qualities of leadership is?
  • Do you know how a blistered foot relates to the fruit of the Spirit?
  • How should we respond to a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christians?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in next week’s (July 18-24) episodes of the podcast. I hope you listen!

Next Week: Kindness

We focus next week on the fruit of the Spirit called kindness. Be sure to listen to learn how birthday cakes, wine, plush toys and politics help us understand kindness!

Thanks to all who listen and share the podcast! The audience continues to grow.

More Reasons to Believe

I’ve just uploaded and scheduled the episodes for next week. I am taking a break from the fruit of the Spirit to do another week on reasons to believe in God and the Bible. I think this will be helpful to a lot of people. I also provide some links to short videos that can “spark” your faith.