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Sparking Faith exists to encourage people to follow Jesus. I publish two-minutes of Christian encouragement each day. I also blog and provide other resources — all designed to spark faith to the next level. Your time is precious. Thanks for spending a bit of it with me! — Elmer Fuller 2/10/2021

My first podcast describes it all in two minutes: What’s In a Name?


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Categories and Tags

Understanding the categories and tags used will allow you to easily find content.

Podcast episodes use the category Daily Spark. Regular blog posts use different categories. Click the Daily Spark link in the Categories list in the side bar to show only podcast episodes.

You can also click a tag in the Tags list in the side bar to show only posts and episodes with that tag. Here is the tagging convention:

  • Scripture references on podcast episodes, pages and other posts follow a convention with tags for Bible book, chapter and verse — without any spaces. The book is a four-letter abbreviation.
  • For example, tags for something that uses John 3:16 will have this tag: John3:16. The tags for Matthew 10:6 will be: Matt10:6.
  • Note: when a passage with multiple verses is used, only the first verse is used as a tag. The tag for Matthew 28:18-20 would appear as Matt28:18.
  • Topics may also be used as tags.

About Elmer Fuller

  • Follower of Jesus
  • Married and father of three
  • Employment has included IT director, developer, minister.
  • Hobbies include gardening, reading and watching sci-fi, watching sports
  • LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fullerelmer/

Other Details

  • Bumper music on the podcast: “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.