Resurrection Reasons – Sun – 23-04-09

Do you like who-done-it stories? I enjoy watching mysteries and police shows. When the detectives arrive at the scene of the crime, they examine the scene for evidence, trying to understand what happened. The forensic team members examine everything in the greatest detail and the coroner examines the body.

This week, the podcast will do something similar. We will examine the scene of the resurrection of Jesus. Many doubt it occurred. But what does the evidence say? Is there reason to believe Jesus rose? In order to do this, we must examine seven things as they appeared at the end of the crucifixion, as well as how they changed just a couple of days later.

The first item we’ll examine is the body of Jesus. It was lowered from the cross and judged dead by his executioners. He had been tortured by scourging, carried the cross, then nailed to it for hours. He even hung an extended time after he stopped breathing. The soldiers rammed a spear into his chest cavity to ensure his death. These facts are known. What must be determined is why did his body disappear. Rather than solving a crime, we need to determine if a miracle occurred.

After the cross, we have the dead body of Jesus. But on Sunday, his body is missing from the tomb and people claim he has appeared to them alive. Their witness is the first reason to believe in the resurrection.

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