Knowledge – Thu – 23-03-23

Do you own a house. Many people do and many others want to. Do you know what quality construction looks like? Imagine touring a newly built house. The sod in the yard is fresh and green. The windows are clean and the paint fresh. All the doors swing open easily and the joints in the woodwork are tight. A beautiful hardwood floor doesn’t even creak when you walk across it. The walls are finished without any flaws. The kitchen counter stands spotless and the sink faucet doesn’t leak. Is it quality construction? Well, it might be. But there are important things you can’t see. For instance, are the footings and foundations good? To paraphrase Jesus, a house built on sand without a solid foundation will not stand in the storms of life.

In a similar way, people often think they know about God. The are attracted to ideas that look and feel good. But their knowledge is often built on the sandy foundation of speculation. Sometimes it is the speculation of others, sometimes their own. Well-crafted theologies and books have been created by many people. They sound reasonable and logical. But the foundation is often speculation.

If you want to add knowledge of God to your virtue and faith in Jesus, as 2 Peter 1:5 says, study God’s word. It is the true source of knowledge about God.

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