Goodness – Tue – 23-03-14

How would you define the color black? Would you call it dark? Would you describe it as what you see deep in a cave without lights? Or you might describe it as the color of outer space without any stars. If you know color theory, you might say black is the absence of all color. Your phone screen combines red, green and blue light to make thousands of colors. But if none of these colors of light are combined in a screen pixel, it displays black. Ok, that may be a bit complicated. Maybe you would just define black as the opposite of white.

Looking at the opposite often helps us understand something. Black is the opposite of white. Day is the opposite of night. Good is the opposite of evil. To understand goodness, we can look at God and his opposite. I Peter 2:9 tells us we are to declare God’s praises. The word is actually virtue or goodness. It refers to the moral excellence of God. We extol the virtue of God. What is the opposite of him? Deception, selfishness, lying, malice. Just think of the devil. He is the opposite of virtue.

This contrast can help us grow in our faith. We must avoid the corruption that seeps through this world. Instead, we must focus on God. He commands us to be holy as he is holy. We must add virtue like his to our faith in Jesus.


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