1st Peter 1 – Wed – 23-02-22

I recently helped in the children’s program at a church event. Years have passed since I last supervised children at play. One of the activities the children enjoyed was molding lumps of putty. They rubbed it and patted it. They squeezed it into toys or stamped a pattern into it with something like a cookie-cutter. They had a lot of fun.

People are a lot like the putty the children used. We can be molded and shaped. We often squeeze ourselves into something others want. We conform to the desires and pressures around us as if some cookie cutter stamped the pattern on our thinking. We do it all the time. We want to fit in. You see this especially with middle school youth. Whatever group they’re in, they want to dress the same, act the same and sport the same haircut. If one shoves a safety pin through an ear lobe, the others want to do it too. Or they want the tattoo, or the hair color. But adult are the same, just more sophisticated. We don’t always dress the same. But we often fit our desires or values to those of the group. That’s why 1 Peter 1:14 warns us with these words, “As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance.” Today, don’t be putty. Don’t conform to the desires and values of the world. Follow Jesus.

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