Finding Fools – Sun – 23-02-12

I’ve been scratching my head more lately. No, I don’t have dandruff or a skin condition. I’m puzzled. How could there be so many foolish people in the world? The crazy things some people believe astound me. They’re just not true. And I’m not just talking about politicians, though you can find a lot of fools in Washington. Fools are everywhere. In the media, in activist groups, in politics, in colleges and university. You probably have spotted some where you work. Or have you?

Not everyone knows how to spot a fool. Our mental picture of a fool is often a cross-eyed, drooling simpleton. But many fools are very smart and highly educated. Being a fool has nothing to do with intelligence or education. How do you spot them? Listen to Proverbs 1:7, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.” (NIV 1984)

This passage tells us that fools have no respect for God. The wise fear him, fools do not. They also despise his instruction on how to live. Can you spot the people scoffing at God’s concept of an ethical and moral life? Fools. Finally, the passage tells us fools despise God’s correction. They stubbornly chase the wrong things.

So, beware of the fools in life. Keep an eye out for them. Hopefully you won’t spot one when you look in the mirror.

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