1 John 2 – Sat – 23-02-04

Have you heard about ROI? The acronym usually refers to return on investment, although I have also heard it used to indicate reliability of income.  Return on investment is an important concept for making investment decisions. A simple example is comparing the interest rates for different CDs or savings accounts. The higher the percentage rate, the better. In general, the greater the ROI, the faster your nest egg grows.

Financial advisors discuss with clients ROI, risks and other characteristics of different types of investments. They advise on allocating money to a mix of investments maximize ROI within acceptable risk tolerances. They also use sophisticated computer programs to model how long a client’s investments will last during retirement. If you retire without enough of the proper investments, you’ll run out of money.

However, I’m not here to offer you financial advice. But these financial concepts are helpful when considering 1 John 2:17, “The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.” (NIV)

This reminds us that chasing more money and things, or pursuing career above all else, or craving what the world offers is ultimately a defeat. But living the way God desires leads to eternal rewards. Don’t love the things of the world. Love God and keep his commandments. You cannot love both God and the world.

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