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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? My father posed this question to me when I was a child. If I said the egg, he asked where was the chicken that laid the egg? If I said the chicken, he’d ask how it could exist without hatching from an egg. My father enjoyed teasing with riddles and logic puzzles.

Of course, you and I know the answer in Genesis is simple. God created the chicken when he made the birds of the air.

But this is not a simple question for an evolutionist. They face multiple chicken and egg problems. One is the  human embryo in the womb. It does not have all the systems needed to survive. It relies on the mother’s body. Chemical communication and nutrition flows between the mother and the embryo. The placenta develops from the cells of both bodies. When the baby is developed, it signals the mother’s body to initiate birth. How can two different bodies at different stages of life evolve this interconnection? How could this complexity arise gradually over long periods of time?

The answer: it can’t. All of the systems and features need to appear at the same time. Of course, Genesis tells us God created Eve. He designed her body and the embryonic development that occurred when she bore children. Here again is a reason to believe. If you’d like to see more on this topic, see the show notes for a link to a two-minute video.

“Think You Can Solve the ‘Mother of all Chicken and Egg Problems’ of Your Body?” HillFaith,

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