Be Blessed – Fri – 22-12-30

Would you rather sit or stand? It all depends, doesn’t it. If I’m watching a movie, I want to sit. Even better, I want to sit munching popcorn. But if I’m in the checkout line, I’ll stand. There are other times we want to stand. Imagine being at a party. People are standing in groups talking and laughing. You approach a group of people. They’re good people, leaders in your community. When you step up to them, don’t you want to stand with them? How it would hurt to be rejected and told to move along.

Another place we sometimes stand is the court of law. None of us want to be accused of a crime and endure a trial. But if that happens, I want to stand at the end and be declared not guilty, rather than dragged away to jail.

Psalms 1:5 says, “Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.” (NIV) The picture is the court of law. In this case, God’s court on the day of judgement. The wicked are not left standing, they are hauled to punishment. They will not join the group declared righteous by God.

This Psalm urges us not to walk with the wicked. It is far better to delight in God’s word and draw life from it like a tree rooted next to a stream.

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