Thanksgiving – Tue – 22-11-22

People get excited over things that are the first. The United States celebrated the first Black President at Obama’s inauguration. Decades before, the first woman on the Supreme Court was celebrated. Kitty Hawk is famous for the first powered airplane flight. Americans celebrated when the first man walked on the moon. Chillicothe, Missouri, is proud it be the first place where sliced bread was packaged and sold.

This week the podcast is focused on thanksgiving. Not just the holiday, but on the topic of giving thanks. Today, we examine the first time giving thanks is mentioned in the bible. It is not in Genesis, or Exodus. We find in in Leviticus 7:11-12, “These are the regulations for the fellowship offering a person may present to the LORD: If he offers it as an expression of thankfulness, then along with this thank offering he is to offer cakes of bread made without yeast and mixed with oil, wafers made without yeast and spread with oil, and cakes of fine flour well-kneaded and mixed with oil.”

This passage specifics the form of offering the ancient Hebrews gave in order to thank God. The meat sacrificed was accompanied by different forms of bread. It was also eaten on the same day.

 I’m glad I live in this era, where offering thanks to God is much simpler. Aren’t you? Take a moment today and offer your thanks to God.

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