Names of God – Wed – 22-11-16

Have you ever taken a trip and forgot to take something? It’s not too bad if you remember in time to turn around and get it. But that doesn’t always happen, does it? I once took a week-long business trip to Shanghai, China. I forgot to pack undershirts and had to walk to a shopping plaza and hunt up a clothing store. Another time I traveled on business to London and forgot socks. Again, I walked several blocks to find a store.

I wonder if Isaac had that oops-we-forgot-something feeling in Genesis 22. He was traveling with his father to worship God and noticed they had no lamb for the sacrifice. You know the story, right? Isaac pointed out the lack of a lamb and Abraham told him God would provide. They reached the mountain where Abraham built an altar, bound Isaac and proceeded to sacrificed him. That is what God commanded Abraham to do. But it was a test of Abraham’s faith. At the last second, God stopped Abraham and provided a ram for the sacrifice. Genesis 22:14 says, ‘So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided.”’ (NIV)

This reveals an important attribute of God. He provides what we need. Sometimes it may not look like it, but God is in control. If we obey and trust him, he will provide.

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