Names of God – Tue – 22-11-15

I worked in the college print shop when I was a student. Elva Snyder ran the print shop. Elva was a kind woman, but knew how to be assertive. She had be, she also supervised a dorm full of women. I got along well with Elva. One reason was I always called her “boss.” She like that. Using it showed I recognized her authority.

Something similar happens in a court of law. The judge demands respect. He or she is addressed as “your honor” to recognize the authority wielded. Defy the judge and you can be jailed for contempt of court.

This reminds me that God demands we recognize his authority as well. One way to do this is the proper use of his name. Abram did that in Genesis 15:2, ‘But Abram said, “O Sovereign LORD, what can you give me since I remain childless and the one who will inherit my estate is Eliezer of Damascus?”’ (NIV) In bringing his question to God, Abram addressed him as “Sovereign Lord.” This is a translation of the Hebrew word Adonai. The word can also be translated as “master” or “lord.” It is sometimes used of a human master of slaves and of kings, not just a title for God.

When we address God as Lord, we recognize his authority over us. Don’t flippantly call God something like “the boss upstairs.” No, he is the sovereign lord over all things. 

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