Love’s Negatives – Tue – 22-11-08

When I was a child, I spent time with my great aunts. The aunties instructed my siblings and I in manners. Manners are important because they show consideration for other people. I learned to sit up straight at the table, to use my napkin and how to pass dishes around the table. Without their instruction, I could have been rude without even knowing it.

It is easy to be rude when you don’t know people’s expectations. I once worked for an international company. I travelled to different countries as a part of my job. Soon after I joined, I was given a book about all the different cultures in the world. It held interesting details about behavior considered rude in each culture. For example, in some places it is rude to cross your legs while seated. The problem isn’t the crossed legs, it is because you show the bottom of your shoe. That’s considered an insult. In other places how you beckon someone to join you with a hand gesture can be rude. It all depends on which way your fingers are pointing.

I Corinthians 13:5 tells us that love is not rude. That’s because love is considerate of others. It cares about the simple things like not using your speaker phone in a public place, chewing with your mouth open or stopping in the middle of a busy sidewalk or street to text. Today, make sure you show love by being polite.

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