Reasons to Believe – Sat – 22-10-08

Do you like science fiction? Imagine you land on a barren planet in a distant solar system. You plod through the dry, barren landscape and discover a house. You enter and find it warm with a breathable atmosphere. You pull off the helmet of your space suit and notice the furniture fits you, water runs from a tap and a refrigerator stands stocked with food you can eat. Would you conclude this all evolved by chance? Or would you think someone expected you and prepared a place for you? I’d go with the second option. The house is too suited to human needs to conclude otherwise.

Now, think about our planet. It’s like that house. We live on a hospitable planet, perfectly fitted to our needs. Earth is our house in a barren universe.

But that’s not all. The universe itself is finely tuned to allow life to exist. Change any of a number of factors, such as the strength of gravity, and life would not exist. A random value for these factors would result in a universe without life. This evidence points to God, the designer and creator the universe.

This idea is presented in an eight-minute video “Stephen Meyer Shatters the Myth of the Multiverse” on a page at* I have placed a link in the show notes. Remember, we are not meaningless specks in a random universe. God prepare a place because he loves us.

*“Stephen Meyer Shatters the Myth of the Multiverse,” HillFaith,

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