Reasons to Believe – Sun – 22-10-02

The days are getting shorter and cooler. Have you noticed? But it was a long, hot summer. I am so thankful for air conditioning. Let’s face it. Most of us are comfortable in a very narrow range of temperatures. Oh, we may push the thermostat up or down a few degrees, but not far.

This fact reminds me of a video on YouTube entitled “The Wonder of Water.”* It explains how water is absolutely critical for the existence of life. One reason is water’s unique thermal properties. Water can absorb tremendous amounts of heat without much increase in its own temperature. For example, the sidewalk on a hot summer day can burn bare feet. But feet dipped into a pool of water on the same blistering day will find cool comfort. How can a sidewalk and water in the same sunshine have such different temperatures? Because the water absorbs the heat without getting as hot.

This property of water is special. Water absorbs more heat at normal temperatures and pressures than any other liquid. It allows our bodies to cool themselves through sweat evaporating into the air. And since human beings are relatively hairless, this benefits people more than any animal. It allows us to continue to exert ourselves through more of the hot hours of the day.

Water is tuned to life and we are tuned to take advantage of it. Just one more reason to believe God designed it all.

*”Water, Ultimate Giver of Life, Points to Intelligent Design,” Discovery Science,

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