Blessed People – Tue – 22-09-06

Years ago, a television commercial for Life cereal showed three brothers sitting at the breakfast table. Two were suspicious that the cereal, supposedly good for them, tasted terrible. So, they slid the bowl to their little brother, because he hated everything. But Mikey scooped up a spoonful and liked it. Mikey liked it. Do you remember the commercial? The actors were actually brothers. Although Mikey’s real name is John.

Why is it we often refuse to try things? Let’s face it. Most of us may try a new cereal, but we are squeamish about unknown foods. Would you munch a termite, slurp down a grub or crunch a cricket? I know I’d be fearful of trying such things. Some people won’t even consider sushi, even though many people enjoy it.

The same is true about relying on God for safety and security. Many are squeamish about getting too close to the Creator. Psalms 34:8 says, “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” (NIV)

But people are reluctant to try God, even when they see others enjoying a relationship with him. Spiritual squeamishness rules their life, robbing them of the Lord’s goodness. Today, give God a try. Rely on him for safety and security. He is good and loving. And you don’t need someone like Mikey to know relying on God worth it.

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