Jude – Tue – 22-07-19

For several years, my father built houses. Then he worked building larger buildings. As a teen, I helped on several of his house projects. Construction is an interesting and time-consuming process. It starts by clearing the building site. Stakes are set to mark the location of the excavation. Dozers and backhoes move dirt. Forms are set and concrete poured. Lumber is delivered and the framing crew raises the walls and roof. Windows, siding and shingles are installed. Electricians and plumbers drill holes and string wire and pipe. Dry wall is hung and finished. Trim carpenters nail in the woodwork, followed by painters who cover walls and trim in color. Finally, flooring covers the rough plywood and sod covers the yard. It takes a lot of steps, and a lot of work, to build a house.

Jude likens the Christian life to construction in verse 20. It reads, “But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith.” You and I have a lot of work to do to build ourselves up in faith. We have to clear away the spiritual brush. Some of our dirt must be dug up and removed. A solid foundation is laid. Then we can build and finish. Our faith becomes stronger, higher and sealed against the winds of our culture. We do this through scripture, obedience, prayer and encouraging one another. Keep building your faith today.

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