Reasons to Believe – Fri – 22-07-15

What is the biggest vacuum cleaner? Oh, I didn’t ask about the best. People can debate about Hoover, Dyson, Bissell, Henry and other brands. They can debate whether canisters or uprights are best. No, I’m talking about the biggest vacuum. You might suggest the biggest is one of those truck-sized vacuums  that suck out the sewers. They’re big alright, but you need to think bigger. Think something the size of the sun.

Ok, technically speaking the sun does not use air to suck up stuff. But it is constantly cleaning the solar system. Its gravity sweeps 100,000 tons of micrometeoroids from the solar system every single day. It also pushes dust out of the solar system through the radiation pressure called the Poynting-Robertson effect.*

The sun is such a good cleaner of the solar system it should be done by now. That is, if the solar system is billions of years old, it should be devoid of dust and micrometeoroids. At the rate the sun cleans, it only needs about 10,000 years to clean everything up. But micrometeoroids still clutter our space and no source to replenish them has been identified. This evidence contradicts the theory that the solar system is billions of years old. It supports the idea that the universe is actually relatively young. This is just one of the many facts that reassures me I have reason to believe in God the creator, and so do you.

*Scott M. Huse, The Collapse of Evolution (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983), p. 29.

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