Reasons to Believe – Tue – 22-07-12

How do we know that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492? Or that Abraham Lincoln was a tall, skinny man with exceptional strength? Or that the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock? Or that Ghengis Khan conquered China? Or that Julius Caesar ruled the Roman empire? We know because people wrote history, recording events and facts.

For centuries, we have relied on people to record history. Some do a good job, truthfully recording events with an acceptable level of editorial comments and spin. Others are less reliable. So, what about the writers of the gospels? Three were eyewitnesses who recorded what they saw and heard. But one was a historian. Luke researched and wrote to record what others experienced of Jesus. How good was he?

He was exceptional. He recorded that Quirinius was governor of Syria at the time of Jesus birth. He said  a census was conducted that required people to travel to their ancestral hometown. Archaeological evidence has confirmed that the Romans conducted a census every 14 years. Archaeology has also confirmed that Quirinius was the governor of Syria twice, about 7 B.C. and then in 6 A.D. A papyrus found in Egypt also details how a Roman census was conducted. It directed people living away from their ancestral homes to return for the enrollment.*

This evidence confirms the care Luke took in recording facts in his gospel. You are reasonable to believe the bible is true.

*Josh McDowell, Evidence that Demands a Verdict (Campus Crusade for Christ, 1972), p. 73.

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