Armor of God – Mon – 22-06-27

When I played high school football, our team followed a tradition to prepare for the game. We entered the locker room in silence. We quietly donned our gear and carried our helmets to the area just outside the building. When everyone was present, the coach gave us a pep talk. We pulled our helmets on and our captains led us on the walk two blocks to the field. Now we made noise, calling out “Let’s go Red.” We entered the field, running in single file past the opposing team. We formed lines and warmed up, yelling the exercise cadence as loudly and deeply as we could. Part of our routine was psychological. Part of it was necessary. You really do need cleats, helmet and shoulder pads to play American football.

In the spiritual battle of life, we also need equipment. That’s why Paul lists different items as the armor of God in Ephesians 6. Everyone needs helmet, shield and a sword right? But that is not the first thing he mentions. No, something else is of first importance for the spiritual battle. Verse 14 says, “Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist.” (NIV)

Today, many try to pressure us to change our beliefs about the value of life, equality, gender, sexuality, and more. The first defense we need is a clear understanding of truth. We need to read and study God’s word. Be sure you “buckle on” some bible today!

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