Daniel – Fri – 22-06-17

Were you ever told as a child to grow up? This can be confusing to kids. Children think literally. They think growing up is growing taller. But adults use the term in a figurative way. We want them to have more mature attitudes.

As adults, we may also be confused by some phrases. If you are told to honor God, what do you do? Do you know? Well, one thing you’d bettered not do is insult him. That’s what king Belshazzar did. He had a banquet with 1,000 guests. He had the goblets from God’s temple brought to the banquet. He and his guests used them to drink wine. While doing so, they praised false gods. Then a hand appeared and wrote on the wall. No one could read the message. The king sent for Daniel who read the writing and explained the meaning. The king would die that very night and his kingdom would be handed to his enemies. Why? Daniel 5:23, contains the reason, “But you did not honor the God who holds in his hand your life and all your ways.” (NIV)

So, honoring God is important. Bu how do we do it? A good place to start is the Ten Commandments. The first one reminds us that only God should have the divine role in our lives. He alone defines what is right and wrong, not our culture or our whims and prejudices. He alone deserves worship. Honor God today.

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