Memorials – Fri – 22-06-03

The Washington Monument is a massive column 555 feet tall. It was erected to honor George Washington, the first President of the United States. Many cultures have erected pillars as memorials, including Rome, China and India. In the Pacific Northwest, Native American Tribes created pillars we commonly call “totem poles.”

It shouldn’t surprise us then, that the bible character Jacob also erected a pillar.  Genesis 35:9-14 says, ‘After Jacob returned from Paddan Aram, God appeared to him again and blessed him. God said to him, “Your name is Jacob, but you will no longer be called Jacob; your name will be Israel. ’” So he named him Israel. And God said to him, “I am God Almighty; be fruitful and increase in number. A nation and a community of nations will come from you, and kings will come from your body. The land I gave to Abraham and Isaac I also give to you, and I will give this land to your descendants after you.” Then God went up from him at the place where he had talked with him. Jacob set up a stone pillar at the place where God had talked with him, and he poured out a drink offering on it; he also poured oil on it.’ (NIV)

Jacob’s pillar commemorated God’s promise to him. That promise was fulfilled by the ancient nation of Israel, culminating in the coming of Jesus, the King of Kings. The next time you see a pillar, remember that God keeps his promises.

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