Memorials – Thu – 22-06-02

My father didn’t spend much time in the kitchen. Oh, I remember him helping with canning up peaches or tomatoes. But he didn’t cook meals. The one thing I do remember him making is fruit cake. No, not some dry loaf with a bit of candied fruit that you had wash down. Dad’s fruitcake had just enough cake to hold the fruit and candy together. It was loaded with dates, raisins, pecans, candied fruit and gum drops. He enjoyed making it and we all enjoyed eating it. Today, if I see a fruit cake made in that style, I’ll remember dad.

Meals and food items were also used in the bible as memorials. The Passover is a famous memorial meal. It commemorated God delivering the Israelites from slavery through a plague of death – a death that passed over his people. Deuteronomy 16:1 says, “Observe the month of Abib and celebrate the Passover of the LORD your God, because in the month of Abib he brought you out of Egypt by night.” (NIV) The Passover has been observed for thousands of years. Jewish people still celebrate it though the Seder observance each year.

It was at this meal that Jesus started the Lord’s Supper. Out of remembering God saving the Israelites from slavery came the simple act of remembering God providing a way of salvation from spiritual slavery, which is available to all people. The next time you observer the Lord’s Supper, remember the deep roots from which it came.

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