Mothers – Tue – 22-05-10

When was the last time someone in your city was murdered? In the past couple of years, crime has increased in many American cities. Well over 150 people were killed in our metro area last year. And the increase in the homicide rate isn’t just a small rise. It has spiked! Every death is a tragedy. At least our culture still sees murder as evil.

Have you noticed that many of the 10 commandments are not considered that serious anymore? Sure, theft is still a crime and is usually condemned. But coveting – you know, desiring your neighbor’s property – is hardly looked down on. Or take adultery. There is hardly any shame associated with it any more.

Our culture may not considered these serious sins, but God does. That’s why they are listed in the 10 commandments. And you know something else God considers serious? How we treat our fathers and mothers. Remember this commandment from Exodus 20:12? “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.” (NIV) This is the first command with a promise. Keep it and life will go well! Doing this positive command is just as important as avoiding murder! God considers the work of mothers, raising and teaching their children, as extremely important – even if our culture does not! Take a moment to honor your mother today!

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