Jesus’ Ministry – Sat – 22-04-16

This week we have been looking at highpoints in Jesus’ ministry. Yesterday we remembered his death. Tomorrow, we celebrate his resurrection. So, what should we remember on the day between his death and resurrection?

On this day, his disciples surely grieved. They stayed home because of the Jewish Passover. Some may have made plans to complete his burial the next day. Probably, they all kept a low profile, fearing the Romans may arrest more of them. However, we’re not told what the disciples did on this day.

On this day, the Jewish leaders probably felt immense satisfaction that they had arranged for the Romans to kill Jesus. They’d been trying to silence Jesus for some time. Were they happy? Again, the bible doesn’t really say.

We are told about the squad of Roman soldiers (Matthew 27:62-66). They guarded the tomb lest anyone attempt to steal Jesus’ body. It was probably a boring day. They may have arrived Friday night. I’m sure they hardly saw anyone on Saturday, since Jews observing the Sabbath didn’t walk very far. Did they gamble? Maybe they told stories. They probably ate meals. Do you think they worried that someone would attempt to steal the body, or thought the risk low? I wonder if they grumbled about this lonely duty or considered it a cushy assignment. A long, lonely day turned into another night. They had no idea what God was about to do! Are you ready to celebrate the resurrection tomorrow? Be sure to gather with other Christian because Jesus lives!

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