One Another – Wed – 22-04-06

When you get up, do you ever open the closet or pull out the drawer and try to figure out which clothes to wear? For me, the decision starts with “what’s clean?” Or “what’s clean enough I can wear it again?” Then I consider the weather forecast, my planned activities, colors and other things. It takes a bit of effort to dress each day and even more to dress well.

Don’t you wish people gave as much attention to the attitudes they assume each morning as they do to their clothes? Wouldn’t that be something? Maybe we need a mirror that focuses on our attitudes instead of our external appearance. I Peter 5:5 tells us one attitude we should don each day. It reads, ‘All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”’ (NIV)

I like that phrase “clothe yourselves.” It means we can adopt a humble attitude. Humility isn’t something some people possess as a personality trait and others don’t. We can all put it on. It also tells us we need to make a conscious effort to don humility, just like we must make the effort to clothe ourselves each day.

So, did you dress your attitude today? Be sure you have clothed yourself with humility toward others! Why? Because God gives grace to the humble!

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