One Another – Fri – 22-04-01

Have you noticed that westerns are not as popular in films and on television as they once were? Shows like Gunsmoke, Bonanza and Maverick once filled the television. John Wayne, Gary Cooper and othersc starred in countless films. Oh, a few westerns are still made, but they have been displaced mainly by police and detective shows. Stop for a moment and picture the classic western hero. See his white hat and the gun slung low. Notice his blue jeans and the jangle of the spurs on his boots.

Spurs – they are not very nice, are they? I’ve ridden horses. I never wore spurs. A gentle kick in their ribs was all I needed to get them going. Spurs must really irritate a horse!

That’s why Hebrews 10:24 is so interesting. It says, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” In the original language, it is sometime translated “provoke.” It can be used of stirring up anger. Now, spurring someone to anger, that I understand! Sibling can usually do this very well!

But we are not told to stir up anger. We are told to stir up, to provoke, to spur each other to love and good deeds. This doesn’t picture a gentle suggestion or a tentative approach. It pictures urging others enthusiastically to act with love for others. If you feel like provoking someone today, be sure you are spurring them on to love!

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