Time – Sun – 22-03-13

As we look about the world, it is easy to see what God has created. We examine the stars and the limitless universe. Or we look at the intricate nature of creation at the molecular and sub-atomic levels. Or we simply admire the sunset, sip coffee and smell the roses. What a wonderful creation!

But there is one thing we often miss. That’s probably because it can’t be seen. God also created time. Science is still trying to understand the way space and time are related. Scientists talks about the space-time continuum. That’s because three-dimensional space and time are somehow interwoven. God exists outside of time and space. The word eternal refers to God’s existence outside of time. He created it, but is not limited by it. He existed before time existed!

Listen to the description of God in Deuteronomy 33:26-27, “There is no one like the God of Jeshurun, who rides on the heavens to help you and on the clouds in his majesty. The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. He will drive out your enemy before you.” (NIV)

One of the things that makes God divine, is his eternal nature. For us, we can’t stop time, rewind it or save it for another day. All we can do is measure it. We are creatures in time. But God is eternal. That’s one reason we can rely on him to care for us.

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