Perseverance – Wed – 22-03-09

It must have been amazing to see miracles performed by Jesus. Can you imagine his apostles seeing the things he did? To see the lame walk and the blind see! To see people healed and the dead raised! I bet they found it exciting.

Then, Jesus sent them out with authority to perform miracles as well. Can you imagine how exciting that was – to see God perform miracles through you?! But I think there’s more to the story. I don’t think performing miracles was a lark. Why do I say that? Because of these words in 2 Corinthians 12:12, “The things that mark an apostle–signs, wonders and miracles–were done among you with great perseverance.” (NIV)

In the original language, the word perseverance is made by combining the words abide and under. Think of someone straining under a heavy weight. Staying under that weight is the meaning of perseverance. The word is sometimes translated “patience.” Evidently, Paul performing miracles at Corinth required some kind of perseverance. Maybe he suffered opposition. Maybe he had to put up with a lot. At any rate, he persisted in performing the miracles, even though it wasn’t easy.

This reminds us that our mission to make disciples for Jesus isn’t easy either. It is something that requires continual effort. So, stick with it! The only way to produce a harvest for Christ is to persevere.

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