Super Bowl – Sun – 22-02-13

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Millions of people will tune in to watch the Cincinnati Bengals face the Los Angeles Rams for the National Football League title. Super Bowl LVI will be played at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. I, like many other fans, am disappointed my team didn’t make it. But many of us will still watch.  Why? We all like to see competition where the stakes are high.

Today, many people will also remember other big games. I remember the 1967 league championship game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. It was played in Green Bay where the temperatures at game time was -15 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s -26 degrees Celsius! Wind chill was -36 degrees Fahrenheit! That game is now known as “the Ice Bowl.” I was just a kid, but I still remember Bart Starr’s quarterback keeper to win in the closing seconds of the game. I also remember other big games over the years.

Today is also a day when we remember a contest with unimaginable stakes. It was a battle to the death. Our church will remember when Jesus destroyed death itself. With a bit of unleavened bread and some grape juice, we’ll remember Jesus’ death and resurrection. With it he defeated sin and death. Today, don’t just celebrate a Super Bowl. Take time to remember and celebrate the victory of Jesus. A victory he offers to each of us!

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