Jesus’ Prayers – Wed – 22-01-26

When was the last time you had one of those long, draining days? You know, when you were exhausted and didn’t want to see anyone. Was that a day of travel, or lots of meetings at work? Maybe it was physically draining labor at your job, on the farm or in your yard. Or maybe, it was a day at home with the kids! When you’ve had a long day, what do you do? Do you park in your favorite chair and read, play a game, or watch TV? We all need to recharge at some time, right? And we often have different ways to relax and recharge.

Jesus also had some long days. For example, one day he heard the reports of his disciples who returned from their preaching assignments. He also learned that John the Baptist had been beheaded. Jesus left with the apostles in a boat for a solitary place. They needed some rest too. But the crowds followed them, walking along the shore to where they landed. So, Jesus continued to teach and heal them. About 5,000 were present and he miraculously fed them with five bread rolls and two small fish. Then he dismissed the crowd. We pick up the story in Matthew 14:23, “After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray.”

The next time you need to recharge after a long day, why not get by yourself and pray?

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