Miracles – Fri – 22-01-14

One of my favorite miracles is the one in Luke 5 where Jesus healed a paralyzed man. Jesus was in a house teaching. People were crowed in and around. Some men came with a paralyzed man on an improvised stretcher. But they couldn’t get close to Jesus. So, they went up on the roof and removed the roofing material. They lowered the man down in front of Jesus. However, Jesus surprised them. He didn’t heal the man. He told the man his sins were forgiven. This caused some religious leaders there to mutter. They said something like “Who does he think he is? Only God can forgive sins.”

Verses 22-25 pick up the story, “Jesus knew what they were thinking and asked, ‘Why are you thinking these things in your hearts? Which is easier: to say, “Your sins are forgiven,” or to say, “Get up and walk”? But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins. . . .’ He said to the paralyzed man, ‘I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.’ Immediately he stood up in front of them, took what he had been lying on and went home praising God.” (NIV)

This is a good reminder for us. Jesus has the power to heal. That power proves something more important. Jesus has the power to forgive. May you enjoy forgiveness from Jesus!

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