Parables – Wed – 22-01-05

I love home-made yeast bread. Don’t you? It’s all possible because of the leavening action of yeast. Jesus used the concept of yeast in Matthew 13:33, “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into a large amount of flour until it worked all through the dough.” (NIV)

What is Jesus telling us about his kingdom? How is this parable different that the one about the mustard seed? Both speak of the spread of the kingdom of God. Here’s the key – this parable speaks of the tremendous influence Jesus’ followers would have on the world. Just as yeast transforms and improves the dough, so his kingdom would work through the entire world and improve it.

How have Jesus’ followers improved the world? Here’s a few examples. Christianity was pivotal in recognizing the rights of women and children, changing their legal status. It was also instrumental in abolishing slavery. In the United States, all but one of the first 123 colleges founded in the country were Christian institutions. Christian charities have fed the poor, started scores of hospitals and responded to numerous natural disasters.* Today, I personally know of missionaries who not only share the message of Jesus, but also provide medical treatment, or start schools, or drill water wells, or teach everything from agriculture to sanitation.

In fact, you are part of that yeast. Today, help make your neighborhood, community and world a better place!

*”The Impact of Christianity,” Faith Facts,

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